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Virtual Supreme Golf Swing School

"My Handicap went from 32 to 14 in 7 months " Judy in Az

Special Bonus Receive the 4 part Short Game Series
Green Reading - Stroke - Target Shrinking - Speed Calculating Routine

The Story

When I was assigned to the 1st Marine Division School of Infantry where I learned how to instruct subject matter properly, I found that all golf instruction was using the method of trial and error, the antithesis to proper training. A foolproof lesson plan was needed for golf. From there, I discovered Bud Winter, US Olympic Track and Field Coach (37 world record holders) who championed  relaxed slow motion training. Then came Dr. Bruce Oglvie, the grandfather of sports psychology, creating the only formula to change ingrained habit patterns. Lozanov and his accelerated learning techniques gave the final piece of the puzzle. 

Golfers at Golf Course
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The Solution

The Supreme Golf Swing is the only training program in the world which applies the lesson plan, habit changing formula for physical skills, and accelerated long-term learning and memory techniques. Anyone can permanently learn and master the correct fundamentals used by all the great players: Jack Arnie Tiger Annika. They all have identical key fundamentals that we all need to learn. We need the building blocks so these skills hold up on the golf course. Otherwise it is back to the old habits, and a lifetime of struggles. Hitting a good shot occasionally with a poor swing is no way to go when we can learn correctly and hit good shot after good shot.

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