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"It doesn’t matter IF we practice today.  It matters WHAT we practice and HOW we practice.  It matters WHAT we learn, not IF we learn." - Steve Cornetta• In this 90 minute, live seminar with Steve Cornett, is when our students have their “ah-ha” moment and finally understand why it was impossible fort hem to improve in Trial and Error Learning.  We will begin for focus on “how” physical swing habits are mastered to convert into a “Power Leg Player.” You will learn about the Learning Formula and the Learning Environment that makes it possible for a student to learn.  You will also begin a few drills to achieve massive relaxation and aligning your power muscles (hips and thighs). Steve covers a lot of ground in this 90-minute session, so get ready to dive into the most profound golf session to date. This series is beneficial for any skill level golfer who wants to improve and is ready to play golf at your full potential!

Supreme Golf Swing™ DVD - Lesson 1

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