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"I'm not a magician. I don't do magic tricks.I do mastering fundamentals. I do "let's get to work." - Steve Cornetta• The Supreme Golf Swing™ Lesson Plan permanently converts the Recreational “Arm Swinger” into a Silky Smooth “Power Leg Player” in this step-by-step training program.  U.S. Marine, now Sports Scientist and Golf Training Expert, Steve Cornetta makes it clear that no student can learn algebra without learning addition and subtraction first, and the same goes for learning anything in life…including golf!  This complete lesson series takes any skill lever golfer though the golf swing fundamentals in the perfect sequence of learning. The learning formula makes it possible for the golfer to master each fundamental and swing the golf club correctly without thinking over the golf ball. Welcome to our community of improving golfers and we look forward to hearing your success story!

Supreme Golf Swing™ DVD - 6 month master plan

  • Normally ships in 1 business day - USPS 3 Day Priority Mail

  • The Supreme Golf Swing™ Lessons Training DVD is the complete Lesson Plan that is used by thousands of golfers in our online training community. This is the best method for those who prefer practicing in front their T.V. instead of online.

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