Topics and Lessons Covered:
• Review of The Supreme Golf Swing™ Seminar
• Mental Preparation Over Every Shot:
     • Stop thinking over the golf ball - The confidence builder
     • Breathing exercise - Lowering the pulse over the golf ball (Remove stress, tension and anxiety)
• Posture - All movements must be done in the posture, especially the positioning of the hips and      shoulders.
• The Putting Stroke
• 5 Step Routine:
     • Chipping, Pitching and Putting
     • The Target
     • The Line
     • How hard to hit the ball - Judging speed (most difficult because no two 20 ft. putts are the same
• The Dime Drill - For Putting (practicing 10X tougher than the game makes playing the game easy)

Supreme Golf Swing™ DVD & Workbook - Lesson 2

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  • "What can get in the way of a golfer's progress is PRIDE & EGO.             It's ok to start over" - Steve Cornetta

    Here you will dive deeper into the formula to become a Silky Smooth Leg Player…Permanently! Grab your workbook, a pen and begin to take notes as Steve Cornetta masterfully guides you on your way to becoming a more consistent and respectable golfer.  With his unique slow motion training techniques,golfers of all ages and skill levels can finally begin to improve!

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