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Topics and Lessons Covered:• Review of The Supreme Golf Swing™ Seminar (pt.1)• Mental Preparation Over Every Shot: (pt. 2)• Posture - All movements must be done in the posture, especially the positioning of the hips and shoulders.• The Putting Stroke• 5 Step Routine• Supreme Golf Swing™ Complete Lesson Plan Training DVD – (Pt. 3) uses PROVEN U.S. Marine Corps & Olympic Training Techniques to convert the Recreational Golfer or “Arm Swinger” into a Silky Smooth “Power Leg Player.” U.S. Marine, now Sports Scientist and Golf Training Expert, Steve Cornetta shares his bulletproof way to mastering the correct golf swing and improving your golf game...Permanently!

Supreme Golf Swing™ Master DVD Set

  • Normally ships in 1 business day - USPS 3 Day Priority Mail

  • The Supreme Golf Swing™ 3 Part Series is perfect for those unable to attend a live class series and prefer this method of training. This DVD seriesis also used by thousands of our golf students & our online training community as a fun “refresher course" to enhance their progress! "We MUST smash the illusion that we can improve another way. If we really could...would MILLIONS of golfers still be searching foranswers? The answer is NO. If Trial and Error tips and tricks COULD have worked...they WOULD have already worked. There are no short cuts. There are no gadgets. There is only Over-Learning." - Steve Cornetta"

    There is NO other way but this way..." - Roger P. (SGS™ Student)

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