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Here are a few testimonials from Supreme Golf Swing online students.  Testimonials  are received constantly from students so we could not post them all.  The most powerful golf swing training program ever created.  To this day  I have never received a complaint as to the quality of the Supreme Golf Swing  training program. 

Swing Right Without Thinking!!

I Broke PAR!

"Hi Steve,

I wanted to share with you that I just played my best round of golf...I BROKE PAR! Par for my golf course is 71 and I shot a 70. I can't believe it, thank you!" - Ed G. (Ontario, Canada)

I Shot My Age - 72!

"Keep up the good work. What you're doing for recreational golfers is just marvelous. I shot my age- 72- about two weeks ago. Never thought that would be possible. My next goal is a sub par round.I am sure I will be able to do it, but it would not be possible without the techniques Cornetta's Golf has taught me. You folks are magic!"- Frank E. (The Villages, FL)

I Finally Shot 78!

"Steve and Veronica,

I just want you to know that the lessons and personal feedback you have given me has changed the game of golf for me. I am 63 years old and computer illiterate, yet somehow you managed to
make the lessons easy and doable for me. I came to you shooting in the high 90’s and I am proud to report to you that, after 25 years, I have shot my very first 78 this morning...NO CHEATING!!
I am beside myself and am honored to be a Lifetime Student to the only golf instructor that has ever made sense. See you this Winter...Semper Fi"- Stanley M. (Long Island, NY)

I Won Most Improved Player & Dropped 20 Strokes!

“I am no longer a crappy golfer thanks to you. I have become the MOST IMPROVED GOLFER in our league and boost the lowest score for 18 holes...a 79! 

When I began taking Steve's class I was a 21 handicap my index was 18.5
Today I have a 13 handicap and an index of 12.3
My average score for the month was 98.3
TODAY I have an average score of 83.2
Thank you for providing the class.” – Tom S. (Naples, FL)  

I've Gained 35-40 More Yards Already...

"Hi Veronica, I just wanted to provide you an update on how my training was going. I haven't uploaded videos yet, but I am making huge improvements and hitting the ball 35-40 yards longer off the Tee.  Right now I work 2 jobs so I am hoping to play a lot more next year and really think I could be shooting in the 70's by next year. I just want to say I think the training is great and I love the way Steve teaches.  I am only on week 6 and 7 and I am hoping that I can add even more distance after completing the whole training.  Please pass this on to Steve…Thanks.” - Ray B.  (Taunton, MA)


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